Etched Metal Plaques  - Mounting Options

etched plaque stud mount

Stud Mount (Blind Mount):

All plaques 1/4" thick and thicker are drilled and tapped.

etched plaque stud boss mount

Stud Boss Mount (Blind Mount):

Plaques thinner than 1/4" can be stud mounted with welded stud bosses.

etched plaques double face tape mount

Double Face Tape Mount (Blind Mount):

Strips of “Very High Bond” tape are applied to the back of the plaque.

1/16" & 1/8" thick plaques have double face tape applied to the back. Tape is 3M #4930 - 25 mil. Tape for use in most applications. You will need to verify if this works for your application.

etched plaques tapped screw mount

Screw Mount (Flush Mount):

Holes are drilled through the surface of the plaque. Specify screw size and if you need the holes to be countersunk.

1/16" thick plaques cannot be countersunk and will include round head screws.

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